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LIMITED Edition Prices Range From:

Canvas Wall Art: starting at $495
Metal Prints: starting at $495
Epic Prints: starting at $695

Perfection in its printed form.

It’s in the name. Epic Prints are made from prints on Fujiflex silver halide photographic paper with up to 610dpi resolution, for high-precision clarity that’s as close to “perfect” as print gets. Mounted to aluminum for a sleek profile, and a flawless presentation.

  • Sizes: From 4×4″ to 45×93″
  • Surface: Fujiflex with High Gloss or Satin Finish
  • Print Options: Max HD Resolution
  • Substrate: Aluminum Composite (ACM)
  • Display Options: Inset Metal Frame or Float Frame
  • How to Order: Bay ROES/Epic Prints Catalog or Online
  • Estimated Production Time: 6-7 Business Days
Anatomy of an Epic Print

Epic Prints consist of a fine art collector-level print on Fujiflex Crystal Archive Photographic Paper mounted on sturdy Aluminum Composite (ACM) which provides a sleek look and substantial feel. Finally, we add a thick High Gloss or Satin Finish to further bring out the epic qualities of the image.

The Finest Image Quality

We chose Fujiflex Crystal Archive Photographic Paper for our Epic Prints because of its gallery-level color and unparalleled richness and depth. To take your image off the charts, we offer a Max HD 610dpi printing option, with more than 4x the resolution of a traditional Photographic Print.

Mounted for a Sleek Presentation

Epic Prints are mounted on Aluminum Composite (ACM) made from 2 sheets of .012″ metal with a solid black plastic core, which contributes to the substantial and refined feel.

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