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My camera, my wife and my crazy sense of adventure have led me to some amazing experiences, taking me to some of the most amazing destinations in the world. I have climbed to the top of glaciers in New Zealand, swam with sharks in Bora Bora, and jumped off cliffs in Jamaica. I took a one day lesson and then sailed 8 days in the open sea in Australia on a 40ft catamaran through 77 islands with no GPS. On one of those islands I was chased by the deadliest snake in the world, a beak sea snake, its venom will kill you in six seconds, and no I don’t have pics of that one.

I’ve waded deep into caves in Mexico in the dark, chasing that perfect shot, climbed pyramids in Guatemala, driven from the West to the East in Costa Rica on all dirt roads, yes, I did climb a volcano there as well. I’ve traveled extensively across Thailand, from Bangkok to Koh Lanta, just the year before we missed the tsunami by a week.

I’ve flown all day and then picked up a rental car and come sliding in sideways with just 15min to spare, and still captured the Firefall shot in Yosemite, it was the only chance since it rained the next 7 days. I’ve been struck in the head by lightning chasing the next photo, only to shake it off and go back to taking more photos.

My newest adventure is fulfilling a dream that has been years in the making.  I purchased a 40tt diesel RV, loaded up my wife and my trusted German shepherds, and hit the road. We are currently traveling across the U.S. spending as much time as needed to search out the most ravenous of moments. Chasing that perfect life, meeting new people, and continuing that adventure that we all crave.

Please tag along and see what new things I discover along the way. Knee deep in the water somewhere.

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