Petrified Forest

With a long, but beautiful drive from Albuquerque to the Petrified Forest National Park, we arrived late to the park with only a couple hours to spare before closing. After a quick visit to the visitor center a decision was made to drive our RV through the park on this adventure, keeping it in mind that’s it’s 40’ and towing a jeep, well they didn’t say no. If somebody had told me I would be doing this someday I would have thought they were crazy. Needless to say it all turned out great, and I have a wonderful story to tell as well.

The park was amazing, from the Painted Desert to the Blue Mesa, and finishing with the Crystal Forest. I recommend to get here earlier for sure, but if you happen to run later like me, the gate will still open and let you out, and you will have a beautiful sunset to boot. Flagstaff is on the list for tomorrow , so look out Grand Canyon here we come.

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