Rare Chatterbox Orchid

I started my journey to find the infamous and rare Chatterbox Orchid. These have been on my list for a while, and our several miles from my home in the Ouachita National Forest of Arkansas and Oklahoma. I took a chance to go ahead and make the trip, not even sure they were in bloom and was promised there had been much rain lol, boy was that wrong. Water was chest deep in places and let’s not even talk about snakes, plus the fact I had to reach under brush and rocks along the waters edge. Orchid hunting is a passion, plus you are never guaranteed you will find what you set out for, and even then if they are appreciated.

I’ve driven 5 or 6 hours one-way to photograph a rare flower and left with nothing. Those are the breaks sometimes, but the rewards to see something that few get to see is worth it. Generally once Ive documented I don’t return for a few years to limit the damage to the area.

The below photos are along the journey to get there, and of course the flower itself. And an old iron bridge over the Kiamichi River and some other random flowers along the way. I also made a stop at Turner Falls State Park.

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